foundation_appaloosa_mare_frosty_tolo_darla_textWe have been raising appaloosas since the early 60’s, and our first trip to the High Wallowa’s. Lee Manes of Wallowa Lake Corrals & Pack Station, taught Willamette Valley people how to manage in the mountains. We came away with an incurable case of “spotted fever” and tremendous respect for Lee and his appaloosa horses.

After a few trials and error, we were very fortunate to own Toby II’s Patchy F1439 and two very nice Freels Chico bred, black & white mares – Frosty Tolo and Maricopa II. We never looked back. “Eagle Creek Appaloosas”, or E.C.’s, was born and we were busy raising two little girls and lots of beautiful foals. Ours was a small acreage, so we concentrated on quality, instead of quantity. Our girls loved to compete in all venues of horsemanship in open classes, and our good Appaloosa foundation blood was there for them. Good minds, conformation, athleticism & color!! What more could you want!

foundation_appaloosa_mare_frosty_tolo_darcyWe had Toby II’s Patchy for 15 years when he passed in his sleep at the age of 30. We were heartbroken. He left 3 colts who went on to become great herd sires for Oregon foundation breeders. We kept some of his beautiful daughters.

We crossed Toby’s daughter, True Velvet, to Man of Honor when he first stood and the result was our beautiful E.C.’s Going Places. He has always sired show quality, intelligent athletes with great color & has always been the perfect
horse for us. As we grew old together we kept a few of his nice fillies and retired to the Wallowa’s where we became “Seymour Spots”.

ec_going_places_foundation_appaloosa_stallion_textOur mares have a wonderful gene pool of old foundation bloodlines, that have proven their quality & athletic ability. We found a beautiful, Ulrich bred, 97% foundation, black & white leopard colt, Ochoco Rustler Dan, aka “Dandy”. We may be getting older, but our horses are just getting better.

We are standing Ochoco Rustler Dan with transported semen only. We will be offering one or two excellent quality foundation bred babies per year.